TYGA Greenford


St.Barnabas Church Hall, Raglan Way, Greenford.

Wednesdays 6.15 – 7.15pm

Master Mark Murphy 7th Dan





Jenny Dixon’s comment:

I initially came across TYGA when my children were much younger and they wanted to join a self-defence class. I used to sit in the lessons and watch whilst I was waiting for them. Everyone in the class was having so much fun that I wanted to join in-which I was wholeheartedly encouraged to do. I love TYGA because everyone is welcomed and treated with the upmost respect and kindness. As well as being great fun, you are ultimately learning how to defend yourself in addition to keeping fit and healthy. There are absolutely no restrictions on who may join and we are one of the few clubs that do not separate classes into varying ages, abilities or genders. A potential attacker or bully will not be looking for a fair fight – so it can only be advantageous to practise with as many different people as possible in a sate environment.

Henry Thomas’s Comment:

I have been training for approximately 10 years and it has given me confidence in being able to defend myself if need be. TYGA is open to everyone and everyone is welcome to join – you will not meet friendlier people!

Anusan and Abhinaya’s Comment:

We are happy to be part of TYGA and are grateful to Sensei Mukta for her dedication towards teaching us and being approachable at all times.


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