GM Gary Wasniewski Founder TYGA International, has been recognised worldwide for his incredible ability and dedication to the martial arts, which have earned him fame and respect all over the world. For over 50 years he has been pushing the boundaries of martial arts, starting in traditional karate/full contact, he then created the modern TYGA system. He is a World Full Contact Martial Arts Champion. GM Gary Wasniewski continues to train every day without fail. He has been on the front covers of 20 world martial arts magazines. GM Gary has received awards from every major Hall of Fame around the world.

Gary Wasniewski

50 Years Training in the Martial Arts

World Sokeship Council Member/GB. Ambassador.
World Grandmaster Council Member
Founder TYGA Martial Arts International
European Chairman Police Martial Arts Association
World Karate Union Board Member
Action Martial Arts Board Member
Universal Taekwondo Federation Board Member
London International Martial Arts Hall of Fame Chairman
Youth Pledge Against Weapons Director
Police Tactics Instructors Federation USA Director
World Kickboxing/Karate League, Honorary President

Registered With:

World Head Family Sokeship Council
World Grandmaster Council
World Karate Union
Police Martial Arts Association
World Kickboxing League
World Karate Federation
English Karate Federation
Universal Taekwondo Federation
International Martial Arts Federation