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GM Gary Wasniewski inducted/honoured
at United States Martial Arts HOF, Houston, Texas.


 Master Mark Vallint TYGA Yorkshire,
Congratulations for your World Record




37th TYGA Winter Course 2022
Lulworth Cove, Dorset
One of the best in the 37 year history

  Welcome to TYGA Essex EWRK  Clacton – Master Alistair Thomson 5th Dan and students





Congratulations to John Henry Ferry Kickboxing Champion
and TYGA N.Ireland instructors Stewart Ferry and Joshua Ferry



Front Cover 2022

GM Gary Wasniewski receives Leadership/Fighting Spirit Award 2020/2021, presented by Master David Buckles 6th Dan

Mark Vallint TYGA Yorkshire 300 push ups record


TYGA mourns with great sadness, the loss of Master Tomasz Wysocki 6th Dan  
TYGA has lost a great friend, World Champion and Master
Deepest condolences to Dorota, Family and Students
Dorota Wysocka 4th Dan will now take command of  TYGA Poland


Congratulations to Master Dave Saunders 5th Dan

Congratulations to Master Gregorio Napoleone 5th Dan


Adam Macormack
2nd Dan Age 39
Fearless fighter and Loyal TYGA Dan Grade
Tragic loss to his family and TYGA


TYGA Windsor Course 2020

Congratulations to Leti Napoleone 1st Dan
A very special TYGA Black Belt


TYGA Winter Course 2020
Corfe Castle, Dorset

GM.Gary Wasniewski with WKL USA World Record Kicker Championship Belt
September 2019

Sunday 17th November 2019
Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, London, England
Open to all Martial Arts Clubs/Groups
Supporting Cancer Research


GM Gary Wasniewski receives Lifetime/Legend Award, London, June 2019

GM. Gary Wasniewski receives Legend Award, Munich, Germany April 2019


Two Kicking Legends
GM.Gary Wasniewski and GM.Bill Wallace
Atlantic City, USA Jan.2019

35th TYGA Winter Course, Dorset 2019
George Ioannou 6th Dan, Peter Fawbert 4th Dan, Dean Ward 3rd Dan, Daniel Harris 3rd Dan, Jamie Fitzpatrick 2nd Dan, Michael Crawshaw 2nd Dan, Geoff Jones 2nd Dan all graded on course!
One of the best winter courses yet!

GM.Gary receives Martial Arts Hero Award, Venice, Italy.

Welcome to Master David Lambert and his TYGA Northern Ireland Club
now full members!


GM Gary Wasniewski
Receives Outstanding Achivements Award
Jan. 2018, Atlantic City, USA.

TYGA Winter Course 2018
Lulworth Cove, Dorset.
Cold, Wet, Hard, 12 hours training
outdoors, mud,sand,rain! It was Great!
Grading Congratulations
Joe Noun 5th Dan  Paul Crawshaw 5th Dan
Ryder Nayak 1st Dan  Huxley Nayak 1st Dan

Happy Christmas and New Year to all TYGA Students
and everyone Worldwide!

Cancer Story

Steve Hunt 7th Dan, Keith Turner 7th Dan, Dave Saunders 4th Dan
Congratulations on your new gradings!
Sat.14th/Sun.15th October, 2017 London/Manchester.

New TYGA Club, Bollington,Manchester
Master George Ioannou 5th Dan

World Grandmaster Council Awards 2017
Florida, USA.

 33rd TYGA Winter Course 4th/5th February 2017, Swanage/Corfe Castle, Dorset!
Great fun,training and turnout!

Thank you to Blitz and Majid Gharbaoui
For your support to our World Event/Cancer Research!

Congratulations to Sensei Mukta Manro graded to 5th Dan!

GM.Gary receives MAI Magazine Lifetime/Legend Award, from Bob Sykes Editor.

Welcome to TYGA Donegal Kickboxing Club – Marty Walsh and Matthew Killilea!

Congratulations! to the following TYGA Dan Grades promotions Winter Course 2016

Jon Lees 6th Dan, Dev Nayak 6th Dan, Samantha Haynes 6th Dan,
Danny Ling 4th Dan, Peter Fawbert 3rd Dan, Sally Allcard 3rd Dan,
Daniel Harris 2nd Dan, Jacob Boothroyd 2nd Dan,
Spencer Haynes 1st Dan, Jonny Norton 1st Dan.

Welcome to TYGA Garstang, Lancaster Club – Mike and Cathy Dickinson!

Welcome to TYGA Yorkshire Club – Mark Valliant and Eric Jackson!

Trophy presented to GM.Gary Wasniewski for 40 Years of TYGA

Welcome to GM.Libertino Parisi and QiKwando Federation new TYGA members!

Welcome to GM.Frank Massar and Massar Federation new TYGA members!

Welcome to Master Carl Cooper and his Toxic Federation new TYGA members!

Congratulations to Sensei Gregorio Napoleone 3rd Dan, Sensei Anojh Mannan 1st Dan, recently graded.

GM. Gary with Sensei Martine DePetter and TYGA Ibiza.

GM.Gary with Master Tomasz Wysocki – TYGA Poland.

Master Eduardo Luruena – TYGA Spain.

GM.Gary with TYGA Masters, Tony Leslie 7th Dan, Mark Murphy 7th Dan, David Buckles 6th Dan.

TYGA – 31st TYGA Winter Course 2015, Swanage, Dorset.

GM Gary receives the top award, Legend Award from MAI magazine, England.

GM Gary receives Grandmaster Award from TKD magazine, Australia.

GM.Gary on front cover TKD magazine Dec.2014

GM Gary Wasniewski seminar Greece, Sept.2014

GM Gary Wasniewski  Rhodes Seminar/TV/Press conf. photo/ poster 2014

GM Gary Wasniewski receives 8th Dan Award from English Karate Federation

Master Tony Leslie and Master Mark Murphy
present Gold trophy to GM. Gary Wasniewski
30th year TYGA Outdoor Course
Swanage, Dorset

Check Ultimate  TYGA action on video footage page!

MAI Martial Arts Illustrated April,2014 issue.
Features articles/photos on TYGA World Champs. and TYGA Outdoor Course.

Welcome to Fighting Fit group, new TYGA member!

Welcome to new international TYGA Pakistan clubs, 2013!

Welcome to new TYGA Kempo group, 2013!

Sensei Martine de Petter 2nd Dan recently graded

GM.Eugene Humesky has recently passed away.
He was a great TKD Grandmaster and a great friend of TYGA
Rest in Peace

Frank Perren 3rd Dan TYGA
70 years old recently passed away
Rest in Peace

William Boreham 1st Dan TYGA
86 years old passed away recently, he was one of the bravest/loyalest TYGA Dan Grades.
We miss him very much!
Rest in Peace

Sensei Peter Fawbert 2nd Dan graded, on TYGA Summer Course, July, 2013

now registered with

Sensei Danny Ling 3rd Dan graded, on TYGA Winter Course, Feb. 2013

MASTER Tony Leslie 6th Dan and MASTER Mark Murphy 6th Dan
now registered in the elite Masters Division of the World Grandmaster Council


VLADISLAV KRUCHKOV, 5th Dan TYGA Karate Int. – TYGA club St. Petersburg, Russia

VLADISLAV KRUCHKOV, 5th Dan TYGA and Instructors Russian karate champions ALEXANDER COUNTS, 1st Dan TYGA and KONSTANTIN SOLOVIEV, 1st Dan TYGA

20 Years of TYGA South West

This year is the 20th Anniversary of the TYGA clubs in the South West.  As part of the club’s celebrations Sensei Becky Lees and Sensei Jon Lees awarded GM. Gary with an award to thank him for his support of the clubs for the past 20 years!


Winter Outdoor Course Tournamant results

1st – Dan Ling

2nd – Jon Lees

3rd – Master Mark Murphy, Joe Noun

 Congratulations to
Mukta Manro 4th Dan, Balwinder Sahi 2nd Dan, Jacob Boothroyd 1st Dan
on there TYGA Dan Grading, Feb.2012.


Latest Movie news


Tyga South West win major awards at the 2011 Torbay sports personality awards

‎Tyga Martial Arts South West had a fantastic result recently at the Torbay Sports Personality awards 2011 – Firstly they were the only Martial art shortlisted (including Boxing) and then Won Senior team of the year which went to Sensei Jon Lees, Dan Ling and Richard Pyle and they also took home the 3rd place Club of the year award! Sensei Becky, Sensei Jon and a handful of the students were invited to pick up the award on night filled with the areas leading sports people – Well done everyone who helped makes the club such a success!!!

GM Gary Wasniewski Starring in 2 Hollywood movies




To find out more info on GM Gary Wasniewski in the movies click here!

2010 TYGA One Day Outdoor Course and Gradings

The recent one day outdoor course held in Wimbledon on July 11th 2010 was as usual a major success.  The Course saw GM Gary Wasniewski award many major grades:


NEW TYGA 5TH DANS – Sam Haynes 5th Dan, Dev Nayak 5th Dan, Becky Lees 5th Dan and Jon Lees 5th Dan

NEW TYGA 3RD DANS – David West 3rd dan and Paul Crawshaw 3rd Dan 

NEW TYGA 2nd DANS – Chris Greaves 2nd dan, Aldin Mesic 2nd dan, Adan Mesic 2nd dan and Neil Cottrell 2nd dan

NEW TYGA 1ST DAN – Jo Rodriguez 1st dan

Sensei Sam Haynes 5th Dan, Sensei Dev Nayak 5th Dan, Sensei Becky Lees 5th Dan and Sensei Jon Lees 5th Dan

On the course clubs also competed in a club tournament with TYGA VICTORIA just beating TYGA KENSINGTON to take the gold!


GM.Gary Wasniewski

Has accepted position, Honorary President –

World Kickboxing League/World Karate League,  July 2010

GM.Gary Wasniewski returned from Student Pledge Against Weapons

Special event in Washington DC.


 World Kickboxing League
World Champions

 Samantha Haynes TYGA
Tony Leslie TYGA


Devon Sports Awards

Jon and Becky Lees TYGA South West instructors,  won Performance Coach of the Year Award 2010. Congratulations!



William Boreham 1st Dan TYGA

83 years old, still training after his illness.
We wish him well! True TYGA fighting spirit!