TYGA Shepherds Bush

Cocoon House, Market Approach, off Lime Grove, London W12 8EE
Fridays 6-7pm

Master Mark Murphy 7th Dan

Tel. 07770828911

 Interview with Master Mark 6th Dan.
Q. What is it that you do Master Mark?
A. I do TYGA martial arts and I am a member of the technical commitee. I have also travelled to the USA and throughout Europe teaching TYGA martial arts to thousands of people with my Grandmaster.
Q. So, what is TYGA martial arts Master Mark?
A. TYGA is a freeflowing self defence fighting system that helps you to improve your mind, body and spirit. Gives you plenty of confidence and self-defence skills.
Q. How long have you been doing that?
A. About 25 years.
Q. So that means you’re a master yeah?
A. Yes, a master is someone who is  5th Dan and above and who has trained studends to become Black Belt instructors in their own right.
Q. Why have you been doing it for so long?
A. There is always something new to learn and we all need to keep fit and healthy. How often do people sign up to a gym and yet still acheive nothing. TYGA stimulates the mind and is a constant learning process so when you start it really is difficult to stop!
Q. What will I gain from doing TYGA?
A. You’ll learn an affective martial art and therefore self defence as well as improve your fitness, concentration and discipline in an enjoyable atmosphere.
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