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TYGA Martial arts International runs clubs in the South West in Torbay. As with all TYGA clubs we offer a combination of sport karate as well as teaching realistic self defence techniques. The club is open to all ages from 6 upwards and all ages train in the same sessions which enables families to all train together. We pride ourselves on teaching martial arts techniques that will work in real situations without the need to put students down or to bully them into learning, we offer a fun and safe realistic martial art that can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities. As well as learning how to protect and defend yourself you will improve your coordination, discipline and self confidence that we find often spills into the daily lives of our students outside of the sessions and really has a positive effect on them both in and out of training.

The first session is free so you are welcome to either come and watch or join in. Parents are free to stay and watch their children or join in with the sessions like so many other parents have. We also have much to offer people wishing to move forward with any existing martial arts experience they have and the club has four world champions who are there to help you what ever level you are at.

GM.Gary Wasniewski



New venue/times/day TBA — Instructor GM.Gary Wasniewski 10th Dan














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