TYGA Windsor

TYGA has run a club in Windsor for many years now. The club is run by Sensei Paul Crawshaw 4th Dan.  Like all TYGA clubs, we offer a combination of sport karate as well as teaching realistic self defence techniques.  The club is open to adults and children from 5 upwards and all ages train in the same sessions which enables individuals and families to all train together.  We pride ourselves on teaching martial arts techniques that will work in real situations, we offer a fun, safe and realistic martial art that can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities.  It will make you stronger – mentally and physically. It will teach you flexibility and mental and physical agility. As well as learning how to protect and defend yourself, you will improve your fitness, coordination, discipline and self confidence.

The first session is free, no protective gear required initially – just turn up in suitable clothing. Parents can stay and watch their children or join in like many other parents have. Very young children can not be left on their own. Previous martial arts experience is not required but students who have trained in other disciplines are always welcome. The Windsor club has several junior and senior black belts there to help.

Sessions are £5.00 per week, paid monthly.    

For more information please ring 07775777889, email  

or you are welcome to just come along and give it a go!


Windsor Youth/Community Centre, Alma Road, Windsor, SL4 3HD
Saturdays 14.30 – 15.30    

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INSTRUCTOR – Master Paul Crawshaw 5th Dan  

Sensei Paul has been training for over 15 years and is a 4th Dan black belt, he is the club’s main instructor teaching at the Windsor sessions


Sensei Marco Crawshaw 3rd Dan    


Sensei Marco has trained for many years and has reached 3rd Dan black belt.

He is a dedicated student and strong fighter and has won many Tyga world championship medals.

Tyga Windsor club September 2016

Sensei Alan at national championships 2015

Marco and Joe – 2015 championships

Video of Marco & Joe at National championships 2015 (Click on link below)

Marco v Joe 2015

Marco Breaking boards 2015

July 2011 TYGA Outdoor course Club Silver Medallists – TYGA Windsor


Marco and Louis sparring June 2011


Master Mark Murphy, (centre back row), 7th Dan Ty-Ga karate, founder of the Windsor branch of Ty-Ga and visiting senior coach at Windsor


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