GM. Gary Wasniewski, Chairman & Founder of TYGA Karate International and TYGA 2000 Martial Arts, gave another outstanding example of why he is the 10th Dan Grandmaster that he is, whilst in Warsaw, Poland on the weekend of the 31st May – 1st June 2003. Accompanied by Sensei Mark Murphy 5th Dan.

GM’s powerful session lasted non stop for 2 1/2 hours in very hot weather. Soke covered basics then, TYGA kata for the group. GM then amazed us by showing exact detail and giving his insight into the application of his new TYGA kata – ‘TYGA Yuki’

After group sparring GM. showed the Polish contingent how to spar the TYGA way when he sparred with Sensei Mark Murphy. The applause after watching GM spar, spoke volumes. GM. then showed his realistic street self-defence and ippon work with a mastery that made it look so simple but proved an excellent and challenging workout.

Another truly succesful trip for GM. Gary, who goes from strength to strength around the world with each new international seminar he does.

If you wish to see martial arts at it’s best, be sure to make the next open course run by GM. Gary Wasniewski 10th Dan.

Mark Murphy 5th Dan
TY-GA karate
National Team manager

GM.Gary Wasniewski presenting TY-GA International Award to Sensei Tomasz Wysocki 3rd Dan.
TYGA Warsaw, Poland Instructor 01.06.03

GM. Gary with Sensei Mark Murphy 5th Dan TY-GA National Team Manager. Warsaw, Poland 01.06.03

GM. Gary with TYGA Warsaw Dan Grades, Warsaw, 01.06.03