Germany Seminar/Demo
Article written by Sensei George 2nd Dan TY-GA

Gary Wasniewski was asked to demonstrate and lead the way in an annual Seminar held by the IMAF in Emden, Germany. Sensei George Ioannou also attended as GM’s assistant. Once we arrived in Bremen we were picked up by the IMAF’s German President Jens Fricke. Jens had planned a small sight seeing excusion, so we spent the rest of the day looking around Emden and seeing some of it’s history by visiting the museum and port.

The following Day (Sunday) was the day of the seminar. When we arrived in the public hall we had been told that they were expecting over 100 dan grades to attend this years seminar, which was excellent! The idea of the seminar was that students from all martial arts could attend and have lessons in different arts throughout the day.

The seminar started by all pupils lining up facing all the instructors with the formal bows, the students then all spread out in the hall and GM. Gary gave a one hour lesson to ALL pupils and instructors who attended the course. GM started by doing the usual warm up routine which some found amazing that a 6 minute TY-GA routine had made them far more flexible and warm than their own 30 minute routines. GM then demonstrated some basic TY-GA techniques which all TY-GA pupils practice in regular sessions, front kick, round house kick, hook kick, and many many more not to mention many multiple kicking and punching techniques. Once everyone went through the basics, GM partnered students up to practice tecniques for all scenarios including street defense, kumite, also techniques to enhance and develop balance and speed. The techniques shown were as usual fast, power, precise but most of all in complete control! that’s where the real mastery comes in to play, GM amazed people with techniques flying at full speed but then pulling back possibly no more than half and inch from the target. If contact was made then people would gasp as I flew across the dojo, wondering how on earth I got up again, or thinking “ouch”, however regular pupils of TY-GA know that GM puts just enough power in to make the technique efffective without causing harm, so it can be demonstrated over and over again without damage.

There were techniques that after many years I had not seen before, it was a truly amazing session, time flew so quickly and before we knew it, it was time to close the first session and to start the seminar by split the pupils in to groups. Throughout the day GM was showing the groups even more techniques, people watched in amazement as they watched GM, bewildered at some of the positions that he was able to adopt for techniques.

The Seminar was one of the best organised seminars GM had been to. The organisation of Jens Fricke was second to none, the day flowed smoothly and with no disruptions. GM was asked to be the International representative and adviser for the All Style Division of the IMAF, which he accepted. So Congratulations once again GM.

Jens Fricke will also come to London in Novemeber and bring a team to compete at the National Championships at Crystal Palace, at the same time he will also take the opportunity to learn more TYGA techniques and TYGA katas so that he can promote and teach TYGA in Germany.

The respect that other systems and organisations have for TYGA and GM is amazing, it has to be witnessed to be believed, there was a great atmosphere present in germany, all pupils were keen to try the techniques, keen to practice them, wanting to learn more and more. This will be the first of many more seminars to come in Germany, and I’m sure each one more of a success than the last!

GM Gary Wasniewski with Master Jens Fricke, President IMAF Germany Europe, TY-GA Germany Representative. 26.05.03 Germany.

GM Gary Receiving the certificate, ‘Honour International Advisor to IMAF’ – Germany from Master Jens Fricke President IMAF Germany Europe 26.05.03

GM Gary Wasniewski performing a Spinning Back Hook Kick at the German Seminar 26.05.03.

GM Gary Wasniewski showing the art of stability when performing a Roundhouse Kick at the German Seminar 26.05.03.

GM Gary Wasniewski front and center with students and George Ioannou 2nd Dan TY-GA at the seminar in Emden, Germany 26.05.03.