Irish Cup 2003
Article written by Sensei George 2nd Dan TYGA and Catherine Haines 2nd Dan

Soke’s Demonstration

Soke brought the tournament to a stand still during his demonstration of TY-GA Karate.

The tournament was brought to a halt in honour of GM. Gary Wasniewski’s Ty-ga Karate display. After a brief introduction by our host Mr John Ward (of Kenpo Karate) Soke opened his demonstration by going into the ‘trade mark’ Tyga front splits straight to the ground, microphone still in hand whilst talking to the crowd. As swiftly as a Ty-Ga session GM moved onto demonstrations of front kicks roundhouse kicks that impressed the watching crowd so much that there were large rounds of applause.

The kicks that every Ty-Ga student knows and loves were so powerful yet executed with such control that they sent sensei Marcus Walker and sensei George Ioannou flying across the floor, or tumbling backwards into a roll. There was an obvious reality in the techniques, they worked, they were strong, and had spirit and fluidity, something that the other displays sadly lacked. The other displays also lacked such a large an attentive audience!

Next GM showed an outstanding flexibility move against a wall where sensei George pushed his leg vertically back to a position behind GM’s head. GM went on to show that Ty-Ga is an all round great system that combines flexibility, strength, power and spirit by sparring with the two outstanding Dan grades sensei George and Sensei Markus. The sparring as all ways was an incredible accomplishment of skilful and devastating techniques shown in a fluid and controlled manner. There was a buzz from the crowd as they watched this great artistry at work. Every one who attended the Irish cup will remember and be humbled by the outstanding display from GM.

There is no better advertisement for a system than its founder leading from the front at nearly fifty years of age and going from strength to strength.

The Competition

The Irish cup is a very large event held in Dublin annually, this year was the 7th to be held, and GM.Gary Wasniewski was invited to do a demonstration. Soke was the only person to do a demonstration that day, even when there were other American Grand masters present.

Many Competitors from other countries were on the sidelines all day waiting to compete, the American team alone was a team of around 60, which gave the tournament a great atmosphere.

GM. took this opportunity to also take over a team of TY-GA Students to compete in the cup. The team consisted of Sensei’s Sam Haynes, Marcus Walker, George Ioannou, Catherine Haines and Will Miles. The event was very well attended by a variety of Martial arts including Karate, Jujitsu, Kempo and kick boxers. The TY-GA Team did well for what was every member’s first International mixed martial arts tournament.

The results were as follows:

Ladies lightweight division: Bronze Medal, Catherine Haines 2nd Dan
Ladies Team: Silver Medal.
Mens Team: Bronze Medal

I can safely say the TYGA team look forward to competing in the Irish Cup next year to improve on the results and bring even more trophies and medals to the UK. In addition GM. also invited the Organiser John Ward to bring a team of fighters over to the UK to compete with TYGA students.

GM Gary with the TY-GA Team, Dublin 2003. S.Haynes, C. Haines, M. Walker, G. Ioannou and W. Miles.

GM Gary with Grandmaster Don Madden 10th Dan and Master John Ward 6th Dan at the 7th Irish Cup, Dublin.

GM Gary doing a Jumping Back Kick, Dublin 2003.

GM Gary sweeping and Kiaing, Dublin 2003.

GM Gary Balance Kicking, Dublin 2003.