First ever London International Martial Arts Hall of Fame In History held in London Tower Hotel 3rd June 2006

Article by Report by Ann Henry (N.Ireland).

This was an event hosted by The International Hall of Fame Committee, held at The Tower Hotel, on the banks of the River Thames near the famous Tower Bridge.

Over 500 hundred people attended, this included Grandmasters, Sifus, Masters, Students and Guests.

A celebration of achievement sharing the knowledge and skill what martial arts means to them, giving students and instructors an opportunity how they can achieve, the highlight being from Grandmasters, Sifus and Masters who showed there dedication of months, years of hard work, now worldwide recognition, an exceptional experience leaving an imprint on ones mind a memory that’s everlasting. Starting promptly at 10am students and guests were unaware of the quality and level of skill that they were to enjoy for the next 5hrs.

The programme displayed non-stop hands on high energy seminars directed by Grandmasters, Sifus and Masters who have achieved the highest level of standard in there chosen style. Such was the variations of magnificent display of martial arts, witnessing martial arts at its best.

Many Masters that demonstrated at the seminars were assisted by students, as each Grandmaster, Sifus and Masters displayed different techniques in which they specialize in. All those participated in the seminars welcome every skill desiring to learn more as they marvelled how fast, how effective and yet simple as each technique was shown, watching was one thing, but to participate as these Great masters humbly going round everyone shown great interest encouraging the students bringing the best out of each one.

Master Victor Wade – Gymnastic and physical Jujitsu Master Steve Gul – Devastating karate punches Master Jens Fricke-Knife defence and self defence Master Pedro Poram- Kempo Karate techniques

Master Tyrone Wasniewski – A tranquil yet focused master class in defensive back stepping whilst delivering spoiling and potentially knock down punches to your opponent. What more would you want?

Master Cliff Witcher. Described his personal interpretation of Ju-jitsu. putting an opponent to the ground, demonstrating an agility and proficiency associated with men half his size. Master Keith Turner shared the mat and together they demonstrated no-nonsense hard application of mixed martial arts skills to inspire all participants.

Master Josie Murray introduced time honoured skills practiced by security personal. Self awareness, anonymity and timely retreat within a highly skilled combat scenarion designed to protect you, your client, ravers and club goers. He then introduced Master Breno Sivak – BJJ champion 2006 who took students through arm and leg control and lock techniques of this celebrated style.

Master Tony Leslie ands Master Mark Murphy – strikes locks and holds. Intense, hard, fast and real!

Master Sri Dinesh from India presented traditional family / community dance with wife and son. He then shared reflections of the ancient philosophy of martial arts as brotherhood, seeking peace and simple tranquillity.

Sifu Vincent Lyn – push-ups and film work. 3 move sequence of bad guy attacking the good guy and getting chilled righteous kicking.

Sifu Paulo Cangelosi – Wing Chun Systems known as, continuous movement attacking and defence, whilst kicking punching palm strike and trapping Made famous by Bruce Lee in the west. Choi Li Fat, known as long fist boxing, one of the 5 family system from shaolin.

Grandmaster Vincent Marchetti – Described his martial background as ju-juitsu. He introduced and explored with his students the concepts of the ‘inner mirror’ and ‘outer mirror’. Through his personal and technical understanding of combat he shared techniques reserved for those martial artists who have realised and can demonstrate the most profound levels of ultimate combat understanding.

Grandmaster Gary Wasniewski – introduced his world famous full contact knockout leg techniques. Single and multiple kicks to high, medium and low target areas at high speed and power were demonstrated and taught hands on to students.

Grandmaster Neal Hummerstone – Grandmaster Hummerstone is 70 years of age. He demonstrated effective soft and hard self-defence and combat methods, overcoming larger and stronger opponents a quarter his age teaching techniques at the same time, excellent performance a great example in martial arts from this Grandmaster.

Due to the high level of enthusiasm the seminars went overtime. Im sure you would agree that this was no ordinary event, this event speaks for its self. The award ceremony began on time with students, guests masters sifus and grand masters socialising in a venue worthy of this occasion and sharing stories and experiences in great humour, as the evening began with kata demonstration by Tony Leslie world champion, Katana demonstration by Master Sri Dinesh.

Grandmaster Gary Wasniewski confirmed that history demonstrates that India was the mother land of martial arts and master from India reflected the greatest hopes and inspiration of martial arts practiced as peace, tranquillity and his strong respect and friendship with Grandmaster Gary Wasniewski.

Awards were then made by the committee for the contribution to the furtherance and development of the martial artist .There was nine categories, 121 awards given out. Excellence in the martial arts, Grandmaster of the year, Master of the year, Dedication to martial arts, Martial arts spirit, Fighter of the year, Instructors of the year and Special merit.

London International HOF Awardees Lists 2006

Cat.1 Excellence in Martial Arts
Vincent Lyn, Tyrone Wasniewski, Alan Goldberg, Peter Tycali, James Robinson, Vincent Marchetti, Neal Hummerstone, Ryan Dickerman, Richard Gamboa, Frank Sanchez, Eugene Humseki, J. Cox, John Crudup, Mathew Weisfeld, Larry Houck, John Walker, Albert Best, Steve Son, Joseph Bannon, Michael Matsuda.

Cat.2 Grandmasters of the Year
Timothy Gilbert, Sri Dinesh, Paulo Cangelosi, Angelos Papadatos, Steve Barnett, Bernie Witcher, Tony Mayo, Robert Braff, Joe Williams, Foster McCloud, Doug Devlin.

Cat.3 Master of the Year
Dannio Alchino, Mark Murphy, Tony Leslie, Keith Turner, Cliff Witcher, Josie Murray, Jens Fricke, Steve Gul, Chris Mechling, Jurgen Grade, Victor Wade, George Bierman, Pedro Porem, Victor Legarto, Marco Legarto, Colin Payne, Tselestin Tsysktsinski, Breno Sivak, Nick Mechling Jnr, John Chaloux, Nick Mechling Snr, Paul Keogh, Steve Colkett, Frank Tasetano.

Cat.4 Dedication to Martial Arts >br> Davied Buckles, John Griffin, Samantha Haynes, Winston Bellot, Dave Nayak, George Ioannou, Jamila Bernat, Will Miles, Paul Carpenter, Peter Cresser, Jonathan Lees, Becky Lees, Mukta Manro, Paul Crawshaw, Gareth Griffin, Phillip griffin,Hayley Griffin, Michael Hughes, Mary Rice, Michael Willet, Joe Venerie, DennisCarroll, Joe Noun, Sarah Mubarak, Roy Witter, Dean Ward, Jane Depledge, Martin Lewis, Richard Pyle, Isaura Rego,Neal Cotterall, Kevin Merraman, Muntaz Sharif, Steven Powell, Silvio Simac.

Cat.5 Martial Arts Spirit
James Isted, Julie North, Adam Niasmith, Michael Ashton, Al Nyman, Peter Kluss, Falko Johannsmeyer, Stephen Timperley.

Cat.6 Fighter of the Year
Tony Leslie, Samantha Haynes, Phillip Stockfleuth.

Cat.7 Instructor of the Year
Mark Murphy, John Griffin, Kevin Franks, Timothy Peatman, Frank Ursino.

Cat.8 Special Merit
George Ioannou, Stace Sanchez, Tony Francis, Michelle Day, Rob Mustoe, Paul Mustoe, Brendan Hayden, Gerrit Fricke, Kathi Tasetano, JC Trophies, Hank Garrett, Black Belt Magazine USA, Combat Magazine UK, Budo International Magazine Spain.

Cat. 9 Patrica Wasniewski Fighting Spirit Award
Mukta Manro.

The celebrations then continued into the early hours with many photos, T.V crew and new acquaintances, friendships being made between students and grandmasters from all over the World. Grandmaster Gary Wasniewski and committee members who organised this great event in Martial Arts given everyone the opportunity to integrate and expand there knowledge so it can be passed on in generation to come in which we are all indebted to.

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